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Price: $ 59.00

Brand New
in the factory box.

mfg by Midwest Canvas and includes a 10 year limited warranty.
One of the most durable covers available today.
This cover is for a 24` round aboveground pool.
(actual cover size is 27`)

12 x 12 Weave
Solid Winter Cover
Includes Winch/Cable
Dark Green on Topside
Mildew & Rot Resistant
10 year limited warranty - 2 Years Full
UTV Coated for Extended Outdoor Use
Instruction & Warranty Card Enclosed

actual winch included is similar to one pictured above

Why use a cover?
  • Liners last longer in covered pools.
  • Covers reduce spring cleanup costs.
  • A cover keeps leaves and debris out of the pool!
  • If properly treated your pool is crystal clear in the spring.
  • Covers help and add security to the pool area for small pets.
  • Covers keep winterizing chemicals in the pool and bacteria out!
  • a fixed $18 shipping/handling
    charge will apply

    Price: $ 59.00